Smart Solutions is a division of Smart AV, formed solely to work with production agencies and bespoke stand builds where a higher level of technical expertise or complex equipment solution is required. 

The Smart Solutions team have a wealth of experience in all aspects of production technology, including LED, projection and media server techniques and are able to work in partnership with you, to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

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Indoor and Outdoor LED

Using high-resolution LED to display content creates instant impact. Whether its indoor or outdoor LED, a single screen or an entire video wall, we have the creativity and technical expertise needed to deliver. We were one of the first audio visual solutions providers to bring high-resolution LED to the events industry and have years of experience working on large-scale events, festivals, fashion shows and productions where ultra-HD LED is key to creating an immersive event experience.

Seamless screens & video walls

An ultra-thin video wall can be built in any configuration, as a stunning canvas on which to showcase content at your next event or production. Used as a conference backdrop, it is one of the most dynamic ways to present images, videos and brand messaging. Years of providing seamless screens and video walls for exhibitions, conferences and events, means that we have the creativity and technical expertise needed, to make your next one look great.


As well as lighting and staging, we are able to ensure that your audio is crystal clear and seamless, throughout your entire event, conference or production. Our audio inventory offers everything from wireless radio mics, through to full sound and PA systems and we will work with you, to choose the correct audio package for your requirements.


We believe in providing bespoke LED lighting solutions and can offer consultancy, design, project management and delivery, to take care of your lighting requirements from start to finish.

Content Creation

At a time when content in becoming integral to success, we have a team of in-house specialists who are able to help you to create the most informative and effective medium in which to deliver your message to a live event audience. We can help you to convey a creative idea, or provide expert advice, video production and content creation services from the offset, including developing the best ways to pair content with hardware to make something that your visitors will love engaging with.

Projection and Projection Mapping

Projection technology is still one of the best ways to showcase information and we are experts in delivering flawless projection to events, conferences, awards ceremonies, productions and experiential events. Within our fleet we own a range of professional HD projectors, soft edge blending and multi-projector setups, so that we can build a bespoke solution which suits your event, your venue and most importantly, your visitors.

We can also offer Projection Mapping, using video projection and choreographed displays, to transform an event venue, building or object, into a fluid canvas that helps to tell your story through 3D content. We are able to deliver Project Mapping on a large scale and often find that this approach helps to communicate the deeper brand message, with event visitors taking this through to social media, online and even ‘viral’, in order to share their experience.

Media Servers

Everything from a simple presentation, through to an integrated web-based media broadcast system; we have invested in some of the most sophisticated media server software and hardware available to the events industry. Within our inventory, we own WATCHOUT multi-display software, to manage images, animations, graphics, videos, sounds and live feeds across multiple display areas, soft-edge and scattered. We also own Vertoz Ad Network software, to connect advertisers and publishers to customers, across your event, conference or production. Whether you are looking for advice, consultancy, or a full ‘hands on’ approach, our team of specialists are ready to find the most effective solution to manage your content.